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About this course

In this 4 hours of teaching and interaction we lift the lid on boys identity and behaviour and look at the emotional world beneath.

We explore how developing emotional worlds can be impacted upon by race, LGBTQ+, gender and poverty.

We provide the Circle of Courage robust model for understanding emotional worlds and generating strategies.

This course gives an opportunity to focus on the emotional needs of boys and how to meet these. We lift the lid on an emerging urgent inclusion issue, namely meeting the emotional needs of boys. Everyone knows a boy. They may be pupil, son, brother, parent or partner. Boys when they become adults are over represented in the prison, and mental health system.

In one recent year 1300 young men committed suicide in the UK. In the UK the commonest cause of death among those aged 16-35 is suicide. Three men for every one woman kill themselves every year).

1 in 4 women experience domestic violence and 2 women a week are killed by a current or ex partner. Boys and men are a major concern. We need to find ways to allow them to unclench their hearts and learn to experience, process, communicate and manage their own emotional lives for their own and for the good of the wider community.

Benefits to you

  1. Increased understanding of boys’ emotional needs
  2. Access to a wider range of practical strategies to impact on meeting emotional and behaviour problems
  3. Deeper understanding of core values surrounding inclusion of boys
  4. Opportunity to reflect on professional attitudes and behaviour towards boys and their emotional challenges
  5. New skills and processes to make boys’ inclusion and achievement more successful

Colin and Derek

Derek Wilson and Colin Newton - Co founders of

Inclusive Solutions

Colin Newton and Derek Wilson are Co-founders and Directors of Inclusive Solutions. Together they have a combined experience of over 65 years experience as educational psychologists working across the UK.

For 18 years since founding Inclusive Solutions they have offered a range of inspiring inclusion oriented services including casework, person centred planning, innovative training and community building. Previously as Principal and Senior strategic Educational Psychologists in Nottingham City LEA, they bring a wealth of practical, applied solutions and processes from their work with children and young people with exceptional needs aged between 0-19.

Together they have written several books such as: Creating Circles of FriendsCircles of AdultsRestorative SolutionsKeys to Inclusion and Person Centred Planning Together. Inclusive Solutions is also a small publishing house and has published a number of books for other leading internationally renouned inclusive authors including: Incurably Human, Taking the TimeSeeing the Charade, Quiet Riot and Dear Parents.

They have planted and built Community Circles in Nottingham, Scotland and Suffolk. They continue to co facilitate Nottingham NG Circle which has been running for over 8 years.

Currently they are providing training nationally and internationally with a wonderful team of associates.

What's included

Lifetime access to our Meeting Emotional Needs of Boys course

Access to a private online community of students and experts

Certification upon completion of course

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"Thanks for a super day, lots of good ideas for our citizens of the future. We need to offer them the best and what we would offer our own children?"

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