The circle of friends approach

Circle of Friends is an approach to enhancing the inclusion, in a mainstream setting, of any child or young person who is experiencing difficulties in school because of disability, personal crisis or because of their challenging behaviour towards others. The ‘circle of friends’ approach works by mobilising the young person’s peers to provide support and engage in problem solving with the person in difficulty

Colin Newton

Hi, I’m Colin Newton - Psychologist and Director at Inclusive Solutions.

I've spent my 36 year career as an educational psychologist committed to inclusive education and know this is the direction we should all be headed! The results speak for themselves!

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Hear from some of our students!

"I read your Creating Circles of Friends book from cover to cover over the summer and found it truly inspiring. I am hoping to work with my schools this year on introducing and persuading them to trust and believe in this very powerful and effective approach"

The approach "ultimately leads to the child learning more appropriate social behaviour, which will enable them to get on better with their peers. Obviously this in turn helps them to rebuild a peer group relationship and to continue to work on problems that will lead to more acceptance and inclusion rather than exclusion"

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