About this course

In this course we will introduce you to:

  1. Fresh ways of thinking about friendship and inclusion
  2. Ideas for nurturing friendship opportunities for autistic children
  3. Inclusion Facilitation as a way of supporting friendship development
  4. The Circle of Friends approach

These approaches could transform the life of a child you really care about or one you find particularly challenging.

One idea is to build a team around a child recruited from their peer group - encourage acceptance and problem solving and watch for the change!

Additionally, our book 'Creating Circles of Friends' (worth £17.99) is available free to all participants on this course.

Course Introduction

Hi, I’m Colin Newton - Psychologist and Director at Inclusive Solutions. In this training I am joined by Derek Wilson and Elliot Newton.

I've spent my career committed to inclusive education and have set up many Circles of Friends and know they work - the results speak for themselves!

Read more about Inclusive Solutions here: https://inclusive-solutions.com/about-us/

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