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We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

A Solution Circle is a 30 minute creative Problem Solving Process for getting unstuck…Ideal for busy people! lt was designed by Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint. This is a short and powerful tool. It is effective in getting “unstuck” from a problem in life or work. Solution Circles are tools of “community capacity”. It assumes and demonstrates that nearby people – in any community or work place have the capacity to help – if asked. It requires a person to ASK – not an easy thing in our culture of privacy and “do it alone”. This tool puts all the values we espouse into practice and demonstrates that TOGETHER WE’RE BETTER.

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Course Introduction

Colin teaching
Hi, I’m Colin Newton - Psychologist and Director at Inclusive Solutions.

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psychologist appreciates
A problem solving approach that really works!

'This was extremely reassuring and helped me to feel safe to express those feelings of exhaustion and emptiness that I had felt after the incident. The facilitator's careful questioning helped me to recognise that the feelings I experienced were probably John's too. The strategy part of the meeting was inspiring; I felt heard, valued and respected for my ideas and I was also able to seek advice about how to use a new strategy, guided imagery. I left the meeting feeling nurtured and excited, as well as having more space to build empathy and understanding for John. The following week I used guided imagery with John, which he responded well to. This intervention resulted in a referral for John to receive play therapy. '

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So fast!

Amazing !!

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