Sensory super sensitivities are a key area to explore when planning and delivering the inclusion of a child or young person. Sometimes an autistic child may behave in a ways that are hard to understand.

Often this is linked to super sensory sensitivities. A person who struggles to deal with everyday sensory information can experience sensory, or information overload. Too much can cause stress, anxiety, and even physical pain. This can result in withdrawal, shut down, challenging behaviour or a meltdown.

‘The human brain receives all of the information that we know about the world and each other through our sensory system. There is no other way for this information to be gathered. People on the autism spectrum describe their experience in this world as that of being overwhelmed by the sensory stimulation they receive from the environments they are forced to deal with. Touch is like a tidal wave, sounds are too loud, language distorted, vision fragmented, focusing on each piece separately rather than the whole, odors often sickening and tastes unbearable. These descriptions have now been validated through research on the specific construction of the brain'.

- Gail Gillingham

Colin teaching

Hi, I’m Colin Newton - Psychologist and Director at Inclusive Solutions.

I have spent my career committed to inclusive education and especially the challenges to the system posed by autistic children and young people. Understanding sensory sensitivities can unlock creativity and deepen understanding!

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Recognise your own sensory sensitivities and empathise with autistic children

'Excellent interactive session.

Relevant for school staff across the board. Essential information for ensuring those with sensory Sensitivities can thrive. Enjoyed the opportunity to break out and chat to people.'

Sensory sensitivities that hurt!
Sensory sensitivities that hurt!

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Sensory overload linked to anxiety
Sensory overload linked to anxiety

'I attended a webinar on Sensory Sensitivities - it was absolutely excellent! The speakers were very knowledgeable I learned that some people can hear music and yet they can see it too, I found this fascinating. 

The 5 star training also helped me understand more about the difficulties some children/adult can have when they can't communicate.'

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