2. Creating the dream

The Vision (Our dream)

The PATH begins by asking the pathfinder to think about what a good life for them would look like, What matters most to them as they think about their future? 

Use visualisation to help ‘cook’ the dream –what does the group imagine the future will look like if everything is on track for the pathfinder. Ask the person to describe his personal dreams for the future. Guide the person to thinking about people, places and activities in the future. What would you love to see happening? Graphicer draws this up as the person talks respecting their words and images. Involve the rest of the group, starting with those who love the person most but always check back with the person. The dream guides and gives direction to the rest of the process. Ask how this future feels – if lots of it was lighting up? Ask the group what they notice about the dream.

“What do you dream of? If you could have it all what would be happening? Where would you be ? What would you be doing? Who would be with you?”

Others in the group will be asked to build on the vision and say what kind of future they would love to see for the pathfinder. This is the longest step and sets the direction for the rest of the PATH.

Whatever age the person or whatever views people have on their capacity to understand or communicate the questions are still asked about what their dreams are. Questions are typically grouped around places, people and activities. If they do not answer those who love them and are closest to them can.

A rich picture is created on the graphic and this powerful image motivates everything that follows.

Graphic Tips from Derek Wilson - look at the use of size and colour

Activity - Practice simple graphics of meetings you attend first on A4 then on large sheets for all to see. Keep it simple!

Activity - You will need paper/felt pens and pastels.

Pens/Props can all be purchased here: https://inclusive-solutions.com/product-category/person-centred-planning/

Watch the following video - 7 steps for drawing almost anything... Pause the video and simply copy and practice the images and text shown at each step.

Activity - Reflect on why dreaming is such an essential aspect of great person centred planning.

Then listen to Colin at the railway station facing the wind and reflecting on the same question...

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