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In this course featuring two Psychologists Aaron and Elliot we deepen participants understanding of systemic racism and the spectrum of privilege. The course challenges participants to examine their behaviours and take close looks at some of the views they have held since a very young age, e.g. this area is a “bad” area, because it has a high proportion of black/brown people living in it, or that young black men in tracksuits are “thugs”. We think about where these messages come from and how people are indoctrinated by the media. 

We explore the reasons why white people are so defensive when it comes to talking about race. We discuss having racial biases and the implications of them, such as unconsciously insulting people around us in the workplace. When we become aware of how our behaviours can affect people, we then look for solutions. 

The course is designed for groups of professionals to come together as a team to try and take responsibility for the racism that goes on in their workplace – empowering the leadership to have difficult conversations with team members and create a paradigm shift across the entire organisation. 

Please come with an open mind, and you might be surprised at what you find out. We are striving for a world where racism is an open conversation and not a topic that we shy away from. 

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Hi, I’m Colin Newton - Psychologist and Director at Inclusive Solutions.

For this training I am joined by 2 other psychologists: Elliot Newton and Aaron Wolfries-Miller.

I've spent my 36 year career as an educational psychologist committed to inclusive education and know this is the direction we should all be headed! The results speak for themselves!

Read more about Inclusive Solutions here: https://inclusive-solutions.com/about-us/

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