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Sharing experiences of what participants have already gone through since March 2020.

Our 4 webinars discounted together in one bundle explore:

Reflecting on the Story so far - Change and uncertainty - Staying strong

Sharing experiences of what participants have already gone through since March 2020. What do we know about change and uncertainty that may be useful right now? Shared strategies for staying strong right now!   

Understanding and managing Anxiety and Stress

An exploration of what we know about anxiety and stress and especially what may be most relevant to managing and surviving the psychological challenges of the Pandemic. We introduce the Compass of Anxiety a distinctive Inclusive Solutions creation for understanding and processing anxiety in ourselves and others. 

How to have a respectful conversation about race - featuring a respected educational psychologist and Associate working in Southwark - Marsha Douglas

We continue the #BLM conversation that needs to continue right now if we are all to be stronger, more respectful and inclusive. 

Holding the Long view - Shared vision for resilient, strong teams

Reflecting on and celebrating those who have helped shape us to be who we are - what can we learn form these relationships to not only help ourselves at this time but to be our very best for others who need us? Also an opportunity for some shared visioning for resilience, strong teams and families using our respected person centred processes.

Bundle Introduction

Colin teaching
Hi, I’m Colin Newton - Psychologist and Director at Inclusive Solutions. I am joined by Elliot Newton, Psychologist in this very topical exploration of the Covid experience and how to survive it psychologically.

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