What to expect in this course

Learning Objectives

  1. To be able to understand the values and wider context of inclusion
  2. To be able to set up and run a ‘circle of friends’ to reduce likelihood of a pupil being excluded or segregated
  3. To understand and be able to maximise the power of the peer group in supporting relationships, achievement and behaviour

Welcome to our Creating Circle of Friends training. We hope you enjoy what we are sharing with you. The approach still seems fresh to us and should also to you. How often do we actively involve the children when we are concerned with an individual student?

This work is based on the importance of intentionally building relationships. In this way it is rather similar to gardening.... We are trying to create the conditions for friendship, just like gardeners try and create the conditions for plant growth.

https://youtu.be/_MtWxh3rH9M For feedback on this training...

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