Welcome and Overview

Welcome to our Restorative Justice training.

A “Restorative Solution” is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution where the person who has done something wrong in a given situation becomes accountable to those s/he has harmed. This person is then given the opportunity to “make up” for their inappropriate behaviour through agreement and reparation. An intervention can involve a formal conference, or it can be a simple conversation on a corridor or playground.

The course answers the questions:

  • What should we do if rewards and punishments do not work?
  • Can we find an alternative process to recommending permanent exclusion or special unit or school placement?
  • Struggling with a child for whom praise and sanctions seem ineffective?
  • Want to develop a more restorative school or team?
  • I need a process which works with relationships not just behaviour. What will work for our relationships policy?

We will cover:

  • What are restorative solutions?
  • Background and detailed teaching of processes
  • Inclusion values underpinning this work
  • Processes modelled and opportunities to try process out
  • Practical setting up of restorative conferences
  • Stories and outcomes

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